Road trip!

A few weeks ago, I got to help a friend move out east to go to grad school. Two of her oldest friends in the area had access to a Chevy conversion van and trailer, and are dyed-in-the-wool campers, so with their  preparation, all of her earthly belongings, and my inborn skill for long car trips, we set off on the classic American road trip.

But several days before, I got a phone call from a woman who needed to rebind a road map as a gift. Somehow I worked her project into the necessary preparations for my trip, viewing care for a map (perhaps superstitiously, I’ll admit) as good luck for the upcoming adventure.  Here are some before-and-after snaps of the book.


old back cover

Although the client said it would be ok to toss the original covers, I wanted to save the Wall Drug sticker on the front and the full US map with driving distances on the back, so I did some paper repair before sewing and putting on the new covers. I think it was worth it!

new cover

new inner cover

The back cover had lots of tears. Although one side was plastic- coated, I used wheatpaste and kozo tissue instead of heat- set tissue. It took the repair very well. You can see (or can you?) the tissue going just south of International Falls, then it takes a turn north above Thunder Bay and Nipigon. The map was quite dirty, having obviously been well-used on many trips. I did some dry surface cleaning, but did not attempt any stain removal.

paper tear

paper repair


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