Les Deux Muses à Bibi

ITEMS: La Muse a Bibi, J. Coulon and A. Gill

This was a fun job I did for a client who is a book collector, a book illustrator, and artist. He brought these two volumes to me and expressed a desire to have something to safely house the two volumes together in spite of their different sizes. He wanted them to look nice on a shelf and so asked for a rounded spine. He also expressed a wish to avoid housing them side by side in the enclosure; rather, he wanted to keep them next to each other. Here are some photos of the two books, one with J. Coulon’s adorable illustrations drawn in and one simply with the poems, and some photos of the box I devised for them.

The two volumes– note the different sizes
On the right, illustrator J. Coulon added his own reflections (drawings) of the poems within

The boxes within a box, each accessible with a red cotton pull
The boxes all wide open. Note for the smaller red volume, I built in a frame to fit.
I wanted the outside of the box to recall the two book covers, but not copy either of them exactly, so I borrowed the red of one for the spine and the black of the other for specially- made paste paper covers.

Additional photos of finished conservation work available here.


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