Current Workshops

All my bookbinding classes have now moved online. I am developing some very exciting offerings in this season of Shelter-in-Place. It has afforded me the opportunity to explore some short form topics which I’ve always wanted to teach in the past, but were too specific to teach outside of a longer project. It’s also allowed me to develop some more creative, intuitive projects that are just pure fancy. I hope you’ll join me!

Leaf Printing and Criss Cross Binding

Autumn is almost over, but you can save a little bit of it by grabbing some of your favorite fallen leaves to make some leaf prints! This is a process that uses non-toxic water-based ink to print the shape and vein structure of a leaf, group of leaves, or even stalks of grass or pine needles; in short, any type of plant matter you have at hand.

In the second session we’ll use this printed paper on the covers of a nice blank journal. Known as a secret Belgian or criss cross binding, it is a nonadhesive sewn structure with a distinctive pattern.

A kit is included in the class fee and will be shipped to students two weeks before class. The kit contains text paper, boards, and thread.


Please note: you will need to have/purchase water-based block printing inks, a brush, and leaves to participate in the class, in addition to the typical set of bookbinding bench tools in the picture at the bottom of this page. Links to purchase and full information will be supplied to those who register.

Encore! December 10 & 17, 4-6 pm Pacific Daylight Time; Register/more info

Suminagashi Marbled Notebook

Suminagashi Marbled Notebook

Suminigashi is a relaxing and fun way to marble paper, with little set-up, little clean-up, and yet the results can be stunning. Many types of paper will accept the ink, and consequently it’s a great way to make use of ordinary paper, or to think of fine paper in a new way. There is some flexibility in the dimensions of the finished book, so students may make use of the paper they already have.

Join us for a couple hours in this fun and creative project as we float ink on water, observing the ripples that form, and transfer them to paper as the record of a moment. In the second session, we’ll use some of our paper to make a simple binding for a blank book you can use.

Please note: you will need to have/purchase inks, brushes, and tray to participate in the class. Links to purchase and full information will be supplied to those who register.

Encore! October 12 & 14, 4-6 pm Pacific Daylight Time; Register/more info

Book Structure Essentials

Book Structure Essentials

A fine binding, with perfectly pared leather, tooled in gold with colored leather onlays, is surely a beauty to behold. When we see it, we are drawn in by the color scheme and the design. However, the design only lightly shrouds what lies beneath. The endsheets must provide an easy transition from the cover to the text. The shoulder should fit the exact thickness of the board—no more, no less. The round shape of the spine should facilitate the turning of the pages. The boards should be securely fastened, yet not so much so the book doesn’t open well.

In this online class, we will focus our attention on practicing the techniques of rounding and backing, lining the spine, and attaching boards—so that once you have your award-winning cover design worked out, you will also have a beautifully built structure to place it on.

• In session one, we will work on building the endsheets and sewing.
• In the second session, we will focus on rounding and backing, and we will look at two different ways to line a spine.
• In the third session, we will line boards and lace them on.

Please note that we will not be covering this book; it will remain a model and a reference for you to refer back to.

This online class is designed for bookbinders who have begun and/or completed the bookbinding core at SFCB (or have a similar level of bookbinding experience). You will need to have a finishing press with backing boards or a job backer. If you are looking for a finishing press and backing boards, or a way to build a simple one, contact the instructor for options.

Please register with your mailing address so that the class kit may be shipped to you. 

A trio of Thursdays: September 17 & 24, October 1, 4-6 pm Pacific Daylight Time; Register/more info


Past Student Reviews

Here is an article one of my students wrote about his experiences in the Week-Long Core.

“The knowledge of the instructor and her ability to recognize the skill level of the students was key to the class. Juliayn was able to assist each individual according to their skill level with professionalism and patience, making a great classroom experience.”

“Juliayn was a great teacher. She was patient and also good at rolling with whatever came up. I appreciated her attitude to the learning process (that we need to practice these things before getting them right) while also emphasizing best practices and techniques for bookbinding. I enjoyed the time when she would deviate from the actual binding of the book to give us a mini lecture on the field, on adhesives, paper quality, where to buy materials, history of the art, etc.”

“I loved the instructor’s calm manner and accessibility- plus she has a great sense of humor, something much appreciated during stressful maneuvers.”

“Juliayn is always so cheerful, funny, organized, and patient! I love her classes! She teaches good practices which promote good habits.”

“Can’t say enough of Juliayn’s patience, composure, and professionalism. I struggled with several steps and she was always there to help me with her smile and kind heart.”

“Love her sense of humor and friendliness, as well as her depth of knowledge. Very happy that I got to take this class.”

“Thanks to Juliayn’s encouragement and excellent teaching, I was finally able to pare leather without tearing giant holes in it. ”

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