Finishing Tools for Sale

To purchase, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page. Let me know which tool(s) you want by indicating the letter next to the description. I prefer to be paid on Venmo, but I’m flexible. Buyer pays shipping via USPS. No tools will be shipped before payment is received. I will remove tools from this page as they sell.

A: Long double line, brand new handle :: length: 4″/10.3 cm :: line thickness: 4 pt plus 1.5 pt $40

C: Short double line :: Length: 1.25″/3.1 cm :: line thickness: both lines approx. 2 point $20

D: Pair of decorative pallets, brand new handles on both :: length: 3 3/8″ or 8 cm :: width: one is 12 points wide, the other is 18 points. The 18 point tool has a dent in the left side of the baseline, as shown in the photo $85 for the pair

E: Pair of matching decorative hand tools, design measures approx. 1.125″/2.9 cm x 7/16″ or 1.2 cm. Handles are in used though solid condition. $60 for the pair

F: Large decorative tool, very well shaped handle in good condition, design measures approx. 3 cm x 1.8 cm $30

G: Small decorative tool, design measures approx. 1.1 x .7 cm $20 OBO

H: Small decorative tool, design measures approx. 1 x .5 cm $20 OBO

I: Charming decorated pallet approx. 3″/7.5 cm x 3/8″ or .5 cm :: handle in good condition, firmly attached $50